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We can help you get certified

The process with us is quite simple. We hold special events in our facility, where we walk you through all the steps. Enter our facebook page on EVENTS to find out when our next certification event will take place. Like and follow us for more news updates about latest products, offers and activities.

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You will need:

Photo ID

A letter, x-rays, or history of medication from your regular doctor that specifies what kind of condition you have.


You can also do it yourself:
Step by Step Certification

Step 1

Talk to a Authorized Medical Cannabis Doctor.  He or she must fill out this form, sign it and give you a copy.

Doctors ListForm

Step 2

Include a $25 stamp on the form above.  With this done, fill out this form below and follow the instructions on it.


Step 3

If the patient has limited mobility, he or she can authorize a companion filling out this form


Step 4

Deliver your forms with its requirements to the Department of Health of Puerto Rico.

Location of delivery

You will receive a call to go pick up your card if your submission was approved.